Things are afoot!

I made a comment on my Facebook last night, about taking a flash with me to Infest this year, and potentially taking punter shots as well as my usual band shots.

Before I knew it, I had Beat:Cancer suggesting a team up.
So, for those going to Infest, be on the look out for an awkward looking photographer. Say ‘hi’, and I’ll take your picture!

ATF ’15

Analogue Trash presented: ATF 2015!
Paresis [Took me a few songs to get the settings right on my new camera, and his cover of Haddaway’s What Is Love broke my brain a bit]
Syd.31 [so hard to pick my favourite shots]
Dreams Divide
Headliners: Deviant UK

Full set after the break.

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Resistanz ’15 – Sunday

The final day of Resistanz 2015
Sirus opening up by getting a crowd member to scream and then playing with the sound.
Dirty K brought the noise to please the crowd, and then Preverse entertained me greatly.

After the break Comaduster followed [who lost much of their gear in transit, I believe]. And then a rather interesting display by Author & Punisher [while not for me, did seem to have a lot of people enjoying it]

The highlight of the night wasn’t just Da Octopusss, but the fact that their set was brilliant… and then topped off by the energetic and excellent Savant [which had me dancing in the photopit between taking shots]

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Resistanz ’15 – Saturday

The second day of ‘Tanz 15 was opened by Mental Discipline.
Next up was one of the bands I was looking forward to, Advance
Rave The Reqviem brought a rather unusual mix to the night.
Reaper followed, with W.A.S.T.E.bringing some noise after [alas, only one shot due to black outfits with backlighting]

3 Teeth brought the night to a very energetic close

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Resistanz ’15 – Friday

The first night of the [hopefully not] penultimate Resistanz.
Opened by Unity One.
Followed by Ruinizer and Solitary Experiments

Headliners for the night were Hocico Official

I somehow manage to get a press pass for this midway through the night, which was an interesting experience for me. I wonder how it affected the shots I got…

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Superbyte ’14 – Saturday

Another day of chiptunes and lo-fi music!

Men of Mega
Bit Shifter
Trey Frey

Had a great time, chatting with so many of the acts [including managing to get the Equinoxe guy to busk. He made about £6…]

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