ATF ’15

Analogue Trash presented: ATF 2015!
Paresis [Took me a few songs to get the settings right on my new camera, and his cover of Haddaway’s What Is Love broke my brain a bit]
Syd.31 [so hard to pick my favourite shots]
Dreams Divide
Headliners: Deviant UK

Full set after the break.

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Resistanz ’15 – Sunday

The final day of Resistanz 2015
Sirus opening up by getting a crowd member to scream and then playing with the sound.
Dirty K brought the noise to please the crowd, and then Preverse entertained me greatly.

After the break Comaduster followed [who lost much of their gear in transit, I believe]. And then a rather interesting display by Author & Punisher [while not for me, did seem to have a lot of people enjoying it]

The highlight of the night wasn’t just Da Octopusss, but the fact that their set was brilliant… and then topped off by the energetic and excellent Savant [which had me dancing in the photopit between taking shots]

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Resistanz ’15 – Saturday

The second day of ‘Tanz 15 was opened by Mental Discipline.
Next up was one of the bands I was looking forward to, Advance
Rave The Reqviem brought a rather unusual mix to the night.
Reaper followed, with W.A.S.T.E.bringing some noise after [alas, only one shot due to black outfits with backlighting]

3 Teeth brought the night to a very energetic close

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Resistanz ’15 – Friday

The first night of the [hopefully not] penultimate Resistanz.
Opened by Unity One.
Followed by Ruinizer and Solitary Experiments

Headliners for the night were Hocico Official

I somehow manage to get a press pass for this midway through the night, which was an interesting experience for me. I wonder how it affected the shots I got…

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Superbyte ’14 – Saturday

Another day of chiptunes and lo-fi music!

Men of Mega
Bit Shifter
Trey Frey

Had a great time, chatting with so many of the acts [including managing to get the Equinoxe guy to busk. He made about £6…]

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Infest ’14 Sunday

Sunday was kicked off bright and early by Syd.31‘s shouty shouty punkdustrial sounds. And a cover of Mr. Vain…
Highly anticipated Mr.Kitty followed up, for what I can best describe as an intimate set.

Last minute replacement ESA bombarded the senses, before German synthpop Solar Fake took to the stage.
I personally enjoyed Ashbury Heights, despite not knowing much of their stuff.

Finally, crowd favourites of VNV Nation headlined the weekend.
Memorable moments being “Are you licking the sweat off that woman’s head? UGH!”

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