Beat:Cancer ’15 – London

Saturday saw me wake up in the back of a minibus, bound and gagged, en route to London. Beat:Cancer had kidnapped me to take photos for the show at Slimelight!
Well, that’s the story I’m sticking to. I’m sure you all believe me?

Like the previous night, it was a blast.
Running order for the night was:
Dreams Divide
Be My Enemy
And headliners Modulate

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Beat:Cancer ’15 – Manchester

Where to begin? I honestly don’t know what I can say about the night.
Beat:Cancer organised a 2 night weekend event. The first in Manchester, the second in London.
And it was a great weekend.
Over £2600 was raised to aid Cancer Research, and a bunch of bands entertained us.
We had, from first to last:
Petrol Bastard
Dreams Divide
And headliners, Modulate

If you weren’t there, you missed out.

Full set of this awesome night, after the break
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Superbyte ’15 – The Warm Up

Warming up to SuperByte Festival in 2015, there were 2 events.
The first was an Open Stage, held in FabCafe Manchester.
The second was busking out in Picadilly Gardens, to help bring the word of chiptunes to those who may not have known that chiptunes was even a thing, or that there was a festival being held

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